About Us

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Chuanghua Tianwei Horticultural Production Cooperative is located at the largest pot plants, landscape trees and shrubs production and distribution area in Taiwan. We always uphold the spirit of R&D and innovation, wholehearted service, distribution and marketing safety, promoting the development of agriculture and enhancing economic performance.


Changhua Tianwei Horticulture Production Cooperative, a total of 33 members, were engaged in the production of flowers, landscapes, trees and vegetables.

Future Prospect

Along with the economic growth and the improvement of quality of life, the demand of flowers, landscape trees and shrubs is increasing. In addition, cross-straits exchanges have been stimulated by the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) between Taiwan and China. In the future, our cooperative focuses on Taiwanese horticultural market, but also on the market of Mainland China, Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia.