Mission and Vision

Facing global competition, conventional farming system has gradually become uncompetitive. Farming system with energy saving, high yield and labor saving has become current agricultural development tendency. How to apply this high-tech facility and technology production system, with high efficacy, environmental protection and sustainable, to increase the production quality and yield are the main issues. 

Because of the reasons that hi-tech agricultural professional skill requirements and the lack of specialists, our cooperative has established a "Hi-Tech Facility Agricultural Research and Training Center". Also, that will be able to broaden all participants international horticultural prospective through proactively participating international cooperation and exchange. 

Meanwhile, to achieve the goal of sustainable agricultural development and cope with the agricultural labor force aging problem, our training center has build long-term collaborative relationship with College of Bioresources and Agricultural of National Taiwan University (NTU) to conduct agricultural technology innovation research and training program, promote hi-tech greenhouse technology and application of cultivation skills.